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An Update From London

30th Mar 2007

Well, I just visited my blog page again after all this time and realised that someone is reading it. Steve……when the right job comes up I’ll let you know mate!

Loving KCL where there are a great bunch of really smart and professional people all trying to make sure we head in the right direction and do the right thing. They clearly have a bit of faith in me as will be publicly acknowledged next week and I will definitely not let them down.

Living and working in London is a new experience, and not like lworking in Shepherd’s Bush or Nottingham. The days are really very long with an extra couple of hours thrown in for travel. Its great for catching up on some conversation with the wife, or some light reading, but working on the train is not really an option.

London is really a funny old city, full of character and bustle and when you get to know it its actually quite embracing, meaning it has an inclusiveness. I think I am getting some sort of empathy for people who proudly call themselves “Londoners” although I can’t see that I would ever join their ranks in that sense. The weather is ghastly , its never pleasant, either too hot and muggy or cold and quite bitter, even Wellington had “good” days and those just don’t happen in this city from a weather point of view.

Over the past few months since Di got back from China we have had various outings, a visit to Greenwich which was fun, a trip out to Bekonscot village in Beaconsfield which is a place I vividly remembered from my childhood (it still has the same magic), and Wembley Stadium. Next weekend (Easter) we are off to see my cousin Adreana and hope to do a little shopping at the same time.

Enough for now, late Friday night and lots to do tomorrow.

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