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What is the value of a child’s life in Qatar?

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Oman believes education is the solution to safer roads

Road safety in Qatar: ‘All young boys want to race fancy cars’

Road accidents in the Gulf: the fastest way to die in the region

As I was driving to work this morning I saw at least six vehicles containing unrestrained children.

Many of these vehicles didn’t appear to be driven by the children’s parents and I suspect that the driver was employed to transport the children to school. Others appeared to be driven by their parents. There were a many different nationalities and many different models of cars. Most were doing speeds up to the speed limit of 80 or 100 km per hour and in one car, the children were standing on the centre consol in the front with their heads out of the sunroof when the car slowed down.

The sight of unrestrained children in cars is common in Qatar and I am prompted to ask… what is going through the miinds of the parents of these children? Do they care? Do they have any idea of what happens when an unrestrained child’s comes into contact with the windscreen or with the head of another perosn in the car at say 50, 40, 30 or even 20 kilometers per hour?

The traffic department in Qatar is making great strides in putting in better roads here, there are speed and red light cameras everywhere (and if you doubt their efficacy you just have to watch an intersection where there are no cameras to see what an unpoliced red light means to many drivers).

Perhaps the Qatari authorities should start publishing, for parents, some pictures of the results when unrestrained kids are sent flying because the driver has to apply the brakes suddenly.

If you are considering coming to Qatar please be aware.

Your safety and that of your minor children is your responsibility. It is no good, as some do, railing against the other drivers and the way that they behave. It doesn’t matter who is driving the other car, where they are from, or who’s fault it is that you have to stop in a hurry.

If your kids are unrestrained in any car their safety is your responsibility as a parent.

For your kid’s sake. have a care.


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