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One year on in Qatar

This weekend we celebrate the end of our first year here in Qatar with mixed feelings.

Our mood can’t help but be tempered by the sad death of our close neighbour who was killed in a car accident this week. His 6 year old daughter is in a stable but serious condition in hospital where she has severe brain damage and lies in a coma. Driving in Qatar at any time is perilous and, despite the lack of press coverage (we have found that crime and unpleasant events somehow don’t make it into the local media as being “newsworthy”), the fragility of our existence here is threatened every day.

Our young neighbours were a happy couple and could be seen swimming with their two children or enjoy a chat and coffee outside in the evenings almost any evening during the week. He had been to the shops with his daughter when a large vehicle, travelling well beyond the 120 kmph speed limit, in the slow lane, plowed into the drivers side of our friend’s car as he rejoined the highway. The driver has, apparently, been arrested but this is little consolation for the young widow and the family that are left behind. His wife found out about the accident as she was attending the local police station to report the theft of a significant quantity of jewelry from their house.

I find it difficult to write at the moment and will, perhaps, provide a further update next month.


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