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What are you thinking Apple?

I have to say it, and I am aware that there is no fool like an old fool, but has anyone at Apple had a serious look at who, exactly wears a watch nowadays?

My observation here is that watches are a relic of a bygone era. Rarely more today than a piece of jewellery.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lovely collection of watches myself but really, as a functional piece of information technology they are low on my list of priorities. My eyes are far more likely to scan the upper right or lower right corner of my screen for the current time (and date when I’m using a Microsoft OS). On one day recently I wore a watch for two days before I realised it wasn’t actually working.

And my observation is that anyone under the age of, say, 30 looks at their phone before looking at their watch for the time.

So if Apple haven’t delivered a new timepiece what is this tech-junk they are asking me to wear? Do they expect me to use my watch as a phone? I have resisted the affectation of a bluetooth microphone for this long. Not about to go down that path and, seriously, I’m not going to walk around with my wrist held close enough to my ears and mouth to hold a conversation.

Am I going to surf the web on my watch? you must be kidding. I have to find my reading glasses to read the screen on the full sized iPad. I’m hardly likely to start trying to make a Facebook post or play Bubblewitch on a watch.

No. I don’t think Apple is a good bet for the future. I think Steve Jobs left us with a legacy of innovations that is about to go into steep decline and I see no evidence that Apple or its leaders have any idea of how to make products that are going to set new trends or a new marque for the future. There are opportunities out there. They are related to driverless cars, vehicle entertainment systems, television (what happened to Apple TV? its like a technology that hit a brick wall), real wearable tech like clothes and glasses, and password-less authentication. It’s not about turning my watch into a phone or a computer (or a health monitor).

One comment on “What are you thinking Apple?

  1. I think your ideas are very interesting,
    I am still trying to work out why I can’t turn things off or answer the skype phone call with my finger. When they have solved that I’ll be happy! Life is complicated enough without people going around with their wrists close to the faces,how are they going to cross the road? Or drive a car? May be we. Should have driverless cars. That I would really like!

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