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Apple Watch

Well, I have to admit it, I may have been wrong.

After wearing an Apple watch for a few weeks I can see that it may have legs. That is to say, it is more than a timepiece and, paired as slickly as it is with the iphone, it may well have a serious place for health conscious consumers when Apple add all the functionality that, I am sure, they are planning.

The watch is an extension on the telephone and uses haptics to alert you to all sorts of events from messages to the fact that you may have been sedentary for too long. This unobtrusive, but effective, mechanism is a welcome improvement to the functionality on the iphone and, coupled with the ability to respond quickly to SMS messages and answer calls without having to find the phone itself makes it a lot of fun to use.

The device is really handy for timing all sorts of things from cooking on the Webber to boiling eggs and the various watch faces are fun.

Sadly the shape and form factor of the watch is still a little clunky and it has limited biometrics capability, however I am sure that Apple have these things well in their sites and future version will be a significant improvement.

I think wearable health devices are going to be big and, as FDA approval is gained on abilities such as blood sugar, lipid and other biometric testing becomes available they will become huge business. Apple are, of course, only one player in the market, however, as with all their products, the complete package and integration across the range will continue to give them competitive advantage.

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