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Is it just me?

Went down to the post office to post a letter to UK. Conversation goes like this:

Me: “Can I have a prepaid envelope to send this mail to the UK please?”

Einstein in Post Office: “Can’t do that, these are Australian prepaid envelopes”

Me: “Can’t we just put the letter in and I’ll pay the difference between the domestic cost and the international, or just the full international cost”

Einstein in Post Office puts envelope and letter on scales (weighs 49 gms): “Well that would cost you $1.60 for envelope and $1.95 for postage. No I can’t do that. You need to choose one of those envelopes” (pointing to cardboard envelopes on another shelf)

I select the smallest cardboard envelope that will fit my letter, he puts it on scale. It now weighs more than 70 gms. “That will be $7.95”!!!!!!!

Me: “I am not paying $7.95, you told me it was $3.55 a few minutes ago”

Einstein in Post Office: “That was before you put it in one of those envelopes.”

Me: “Thinks: Beam me up Scotty, there ain’t no intelligent life down here.”

“Says: Can’t you just give me the envelope I originally asked for and i will pay the full $3.55?”

Einstein in Post Office: “No, I can’t do that”

I come home, put the mail in a second hand envelope, Yuliya takes it to post office….. $2.75


One comment on “Is it just me?

  1. And that is why Australia post is in the current financial situation. They failed to plan ahead and lead the change and move into the future. They now have to react and re-build the business. Sadly, they look at chopping staff instead of getting some personnel feedback and listen to ideas from some of the newer and younger people.

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