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Dried Yoghurt Cream Cheese


1 kilo natural yoghurt
1 dessertspoon salt
olive oil
1 teaspoon dried thyme


Mix the yoghurt thoroughly with the salt (I know this sounds like a lot but you will lose some at the next step).

Put the yoghurt in a muslin cloth (a cotton cloth with a weave like that of a pillow case), let the liquid drain from the yoghurt over a saucepan or sink for about an hour (this is where the salt gets lost again). The draining wont work without salt. Let this drain for between 24 and 48 hours. There should be no liquid yoghurt left when it is fully drained.

Take the yoghurt cheese from the muslin cloth and put in a bowl, mix in the dried thyme. Use a tablespoon to push it down so that it is well seated in the bowl and the top is relatively smooth. Pour enough olive oil on the top to cover the cheese and serve spread on toast or fresh bread. Add oil as necessary to keep it covered.

Provided you keep the surface covered with oil and you drained the yoghurt properly this cheese will last for many weeks in the fridge.


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