Mid-Summer in Qatar

25th Jul 2012 Here we are late July, the holy month of Ramadan has started, the temperatures are averaging mid 40’s, the skies are clear, our personal effects are still somewhere on the high seas, we experienced being in the middle of a twelve car pileup this week, we arrived back from a trip to […]

Ahhhh… Vienna

5th June 2012 Living in the northern hemisphere has one particular advantage over living on the other side of the planet for me. That advantage is the ease with which one can travel between countries where the cultures are significantly different but the locations are not separated by huge distances. And so it was that […]

The family website is gone… but the recipes are back!

Most people seem to have visited the family web page for the recipes! I am going to add them on again here for anyone who cares to try. Welcome to the Snoxall family recipe pages Why? I come from a family that seems to have been lucky enough to attract some very talented food preparers […]

Yogurt and Cucumber Raita

Ingredients 1 cup natural yoghurt Salt 1 clove of fresh garlic crushed (do not substitute crushed garlic from a jar as this will add a bad flavour) 1/2 cucumber chopped Method 1 (quick) Mix all ingredients together and serve. Note: Sometimes, depending on the quality of the yoghurt where you are, this results in a […]

Tomato Soup

This recipe is a bit of a “cheat” but I hope you find the results make it worthwhile. Ingredients 1 can of commercial tomato soup (around 400gms) – note in Australia soup is typically condensed while in the UK….not. If you use condensed soup then add the recommended water as well. 1 can of tomatoes […]

Tea Eggs

Ingredients 6 chicken eggs 3 black/English tea bags 2 tablespoons dark soy sauce 3 pieces star anise Method Boil eggs for about 10 minutes then take them out of the water and gently crack the shells all over, don’t remove shell from eggs. Replace water and return eggs with all other ingredients to the saucepan. […]

Spotted Dick

Ingredients 170g / 6oz sultanas 75g / 3oz soft brown sugar Grated zest/rind of 1 lemon 225g / 8oz self-raising flour plus extra for dusting 115g /4oz shredded suet Pinch of salt 1/2 cup of milk Method Sift the flour into a mixing bowl; add the suet and the salt and rub together to combine. […]